Thursday, July 28, 2011

Dream weaver.

I flew to L.A and it only took an 2 hours, we were in this huge house with steel doors trying to decide what flavoured ice cream to eat, turns out they were all variations of the same flavour which irritated me to no end. The mood was questionable because we were both unsure what we were doing there... We traipsed through this more than spacious mansion feeling unsure about it’s intentions.

The house seemed like an enclosed world, as though everything within it was separate from anything else in existence. This was both comforting and unsettling at the same time.

Suddenly the mood became very ominous and we knew there were ferocious Lions and Tigers outside the house (which by this stage had become a secluded fortress enshrouded in forest land) There was only one room with lighting and it reminded me of the movie Aladdin, warm golden light with a rich red splayed across the Persian rugs. We lounged amongst the huge golden cushions until the steel door protecting us started shaking and we could hear loud guttural growls coming from outside. Next thing we knew the giant paw of an abnormally large tiger wrenched the door from its hinges and was ferociously swiping at us. The Aladdin room was the only place I wanted to be so we tried to push the door shut and protect ourselves from the animal.

After a long time of battling with something we knew would never give up it’s head came through the steel door; growling, hissing and spitting... a cross between a living tiger and one of those old Chinese depictions of one. We knew this was no ordinary animal, it was demonic. We fled to the dark rooms that felt completely foreign. Everything was unknown and ventured into for the first time. The feeling of complete isolation engulfed me; I couldn’t tell someone where I am even if I wanted to...

The darkness was alive;sentient and suddenly it became clear that this had all been some elaborate plan, we'd been lured to this place where nothing else existed and the longer we stayed the further we were from reality. Nobody could hear you there and secrets didn’t exist because there was noone else around to hide things from.

The house was floating through space, before the creation of planets, matter, being. It hadn’t been built, it just was.

The tigers were the fear of the unknown personified. Strong, constant and unable to stop of their own accord. All that was left to do was run. Hiding in dark corner after dark corner, trapped in the expansive space that made no sense.

Suddenly I was at the airport; you had become really small clad in orange. You were someone else while remaining yourself and I was unsure who I was at all.

I had to find my family or something familiar before I ceased to exist all together.

The escalators were steep and seemingly endless, leading somewhere I couldn’t see. But this didn’t frighten me after what I had just been through. I ran up and up and up until my legs burned and my chest ached, tired and sweaty but still willing to get to the end of whatever this journey was.

Above me appeared a playground with a sea saw, merry go round and a bark covered floor. Nigel was there, but he wasn’t Nigel- not the one I’d known before, however I was too tired to question him. I fell at the feet of this new man and tried to sleep under the merry go round as it grazed the top of my shoulder with each turn. Nobody else existed, but I was too tired to care.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Thursday, July 21, 2011


I'm no scientiest but to me it just seems entirely logical that human inhabition of the earth, industrialisation, over population, over production and the unnatural pollutants we emit into our atmosphere would negatively impact our environment. Not to say that without us the Earth would not slowly wind down over millions of years to the point of (our) extinction and then (it's own) rejuvination, but does it not just seem fucking logical to anyone else that through our take over of this planet some negative repurcussions would arise?? Does it not seem logical that not for the Earths sake but for OUR OWN survival as a species we should at least attempt to do SOMETHING about our current lifestyle. We do not live sustainably, for every gallon of oil we exract from the earth we use 6 and by next year it will be 8. It WILL run out. Shame on us for not having the smarts to assess the avalable resources before incorporating a non renewable energy source into every aspect of our daily lives. But this is the situation we are in, our climate IS changing whether we want to admit it or not, the world IS suffering and depleting faster than it would have without us, so it's not about "saving the planet", the planet will eventually boot us off and start again, but for the sake of our species and of all the other species' who we are ultimately responsible for due to our knowledge of what is happening in the world around us (and our self confessed highest ranking on the food chain) then I believe we should do whatever it takes to at least TRY and curb the irresponsible behaviours that currently rule our day to day lives. Fucking oath charge people more for existing, we deserve it. Charge more for the stench we fill our skies with. Why bloody not? At least give it a shot in the hopes that people will change their behaviour and thought processes. Tony Abbot is ANTI alot of things, but what does he believe in? By saying something is "CRAP" or "Bullshit" over and over again does not reach any constructive solution other than insighting school yard taunts from a misinformed public. As human beings we need to admit that perhaps we don't know everything, we are all still learning the ins and outs of this world, we are fledglings in the scheme of evolution so to blantantly state our presence here has done no harm is complete arrogance. The liberal party do not believe we have had an impact on our atmosphere/environment, whether this be their personal belief as individuals or merely their "united front' is irrelevant when it comes to the danger such a belief can have on our species and our planet. I have been in many a debate with people who have said things like "volcanoes emit more pollution into the air than we ever could" BUT HOW DO WE REALLY KNOW!? How do we know ANYTHING for sure.

For me I just have to look around, see the trash in the streets, smell the smog in the air, walk through my unnatrual concrete environment to feel that what we have done here is so far removed from the way things should be. This is not what Earth had in mind for us and due to our own lack of knowledge at the begining of industrialisation we have led this planet into a sombre situation. We take but we never give and I believe it to be our responsibility as morally aware beings to fuck off the apathy and the school yard attitude ("China's the biggest polluter, what about China..."), stop listening to the fear and political tug of war's that are rammed down our throats and start listening to our intuition and the evidence that is all around us.

So as I said, this is my opinion, I didn't go to Uni, I'm no fucking expert, but as a lamen this is how I see things. No matter how fierce an argument from an avid "climate change doesnt exist" advocate, no matter how many times Tony Abbot hisses the words "Bullshit" or "crap" regarding the issue, I feel it is only logical that our presence on this earth has contributed to our changing climate, and WILL contribute to the ceasing of our species entirely.

End rant.