Sunday, January 10, 2010


Listening to Nigel play guitar
Bike riding
Playing the guitar when nobody is around
101.7 FM
Not having nightmares
Feeling sane
6 drinks instead of 30
Mayble lying next to me

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Nihilism, Tell me more..

"Someone who rejects all theories of religion, An absolute skeptic; a person who believes in the truth of nothing.
A sense that everything is unreal
complete denial of all established authority and institutions
The deliberate refusal of belief, to the point that belief itself is rejected as untenable.
Extreme skepticism, maintaining that nothing has a real existence.

the belief that there is no universal truth or underlying reality that undergirds moral values; that ultimately existence is meaningless. From the Latin "nihil" or "nothing".

Sounds depressing to some, but intriguing as fuck to me.


Ultimately this is my belief; life is a jumble of meaningless moments, a clumsy coming together of events that make for a hilarious story (our lives). We are simply advanced mammals, intelligent and incredibly lucky to be so. But there is no higher meaning. None. We live/we die. I am lucky to have been born, if my parents fucked a few hours later, or dad drank another beer, or mum cooked dinner before they had sex i wouldnt be here, and that would be ok because who the fuck would know the difference?? Life would have gone on without my existence and maybe Aimee Vincent would be Andrew Vincent.
Life is beautiful, i love living, i love the earth and the sunshine, i even love people when theyre not pissing me off but that doesnt mean that i have to credit any of that to powers outside of things i can see and feel. I credit the beauty of the earth, to EARTH (funnily enough). I believe in the scientific creation of the universe, and THAT is fucking beautiful to me.. I dont need to search for something else outside of the grass and the animals, oceans and islands to make me believe that life is beautiful or meaningful.

The truth that everyone searches for is; there is no truth. Just a clumsy coming together of events.