Thursday, March 22, 2012


Dear you,

I would send this to you directly however as I understand it you don’t have the mental capacity to comprehend what I’m going to write, so due to your rudimentary ability to think for yourself; this note is more for my own sanity.

As much as I find all the dribble that has been falling from your mouth humorous, I’m not going to deny feeling oddly offended that someone I have never had a conversation with, let alone “gotten to know” on a personal level seems to think she has some sort of insight into my life and those in it, or more importantly the right to comment on it.
Perhaps when you get a little older and reflect on the utter shit that has come out of your mouth you will sigh and think “geez how silly I was”, because most of us are lucky enough to have those moments.
However I have an inkling perhaps that particular moment of clarity will abate you and you will probably remain a gossiping twerp for the rest of your life- but I do hope you prove me wrong.

If you have questions or comments about other people’s lives my recommendation to you is to simply voice them to the people they regard. It’s not difficult and in fact clearing the air is usually the best and most responsible thing to do for yourself so as not to look like a demented teenager with nothing else to do but talk shit.

If you had heard stories about me through the ever so long and arduous grapevine I do wish you had have just asked me about them.
Instead of grasping onto them with your desperate little paws, you could’ve gotten to know me, made your own opinion like a real life grown up and perhaps then your opinions would hold some weight. But unfortunately now your arrogant and misinformed opinions of me and people I love are public knowledge and the “deer in headlights” look that smears itself across your head every time I see you, (previously of which I had thought completely confusing and unfounded), is now completely justified. Because finally: I don’t like you.

See the difference between you and I is that regardless of what I had heard through various friends and acquaintances I was determined to make my own mind up about you (fingers crossed you learn this trait sooner rather than later) But more than that quite frankly I didn’t give enough of a shit about you to really care about the inane crap that is your opinion. You merely existed in the same world as me, a younger and newer addition of lots of other girls that have come and gone.
Now after months of your name being brought up and your boring thoughts being made public knowledge: I have to have an opinion, and quite honestly it’s a pain in my arse.

So to answer your queries regarding myself and my husband here you go:

My husband and I used to have a volatile relationship, but as adults do we learnt to move past the hard times and become a more resiliant couple because of it. We have gone through things I doubt you could fathom at your mental age and funnily enough all it did was reiterate how strong we are as a couple. Our marriage was a celebration of love that had grown so strong over the years we knew nothing could break it.
We will live a long, happy life together, have a family, have problems, overcome problems and continuing making eachother happy even when it isnt sunshine and rainbows. We are thankful for your concern though and think it's cute you took such an interest in our lives :)

For the rest of your synopsis that I’m “gnarly” or “crazy” or whatever other words you use to describe me, well for all you know perhaps I am all those things and I’ll come find you one night and beat the living shit out of you.. or perhaps I’m just a normal person who you decided to judge because you're clearly too vapid to make up your own mind… I guess you'll just have to wait and find out.

Now, next time you have a question or comment regarding our lives, please feel free to just ask me, I’m open to emails ;)