Sunday, December 27, 2009

Katrina and The waves

"I used to think maybe you loved me
Now I know that it's true
And I don't wanna spend my whole life
Just a waitin' for you
And I don't want you back for the weekend
Not back for a day
I said baby I just want you back
And I want you to stay!"

Monday, December 21, 2009


We were lying in bed together, you were in the middle, on the other side of you was another girl.
I felt realy close to you, which i hadnt for a long time.

I woke up and you were having sex with the other girl laying next to you while i was asleep.
I couldnt breathe, i felt trapped and humiliated, but all you did was smile.

And all i could do was cry, and hate you for how you made me feel.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

party hard... bro.

So i was invited to join some group on facebook called "Get peodophiles like Dennis Ferguson off Facebook"
Ok, so by no means even in the slightest do i find child abuse funny, but this Lachlan character is one dumb mother fucker.

some dude posted a picture of some super deformed kid and wrote "if your kids looked like this maybe he'd stop!! Deform your kids, whatever it takes! or something dumb along those lines.

3 hours ago · View Feedback (18)Hide Feedback (18) · ShareUmberto Lupo likes this.
Joe Tait Probably not, Dennis would stop at nothing!!! He sickens me!!! I want to cut his fucking nuts off!
3 hours agoDennis Ferguson I'd hit it.
<strong>3 hours ago Matt Hunt Yeah, obviously you would be scared and hit the mutant, but then what would you do....?
2 hours ago Dennis Ferguson Have forced intercourse with it.
2 hours agoLachlan Balk-Dartnell Okay, I am not sure, but Dennis Ferguson and Matt Hunt, are you both just trying to stir the pot, or are you the actual person you say you are and are talking in honesty here?
2 hours agoMatt Hunt I am pretty sure Dennis is for real. I, in all , fairness, am fiding this quite amusing...
And thank you for clarifying dennis
2 hours agoLachlan Balk-Dartnell Okay, so the Dennis Ferguson, who commented above, is the real Dennis Ferguson?
2 hours agoMatt Hunt may well be, you'll have to ask him. I don't really want to know...
2 hours agoDennis Ferguson It is I.
2 hours agoLachlan Balk-Dartnell Well Dennis, that is highly sickening.
2 hours agoDennis Ferguson And you have a dumbass name.
2 hours agoLachlan Balk-Dartnell BAHAHA!! What a lame come back. You justify your words and actions with lame come-backs like that. Your just a dumbass, full stop.
2 hours agoDennis Ferguson You're just mad because you know you have pedophilic urges deep down inside.
2 hours agoLachlan Balk-Dartnell And that comment supports my statement above.
2 hours agoDennis Ferguson No, it supports that you want to fuck kids.
2 hours agoLachlan Balk-Dartnell I don't even know how to answer you, because what your saying is so far from the truth, and no matter how I reply, your going to find a way to turn it into something revolting. My best bet is to just ignore any future comments made by you on this photo, so that your thought of child abuse being acceptable does not further.
about an hour agoDennis Ferguson PARTY HARD, BRO.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A few things;

When do we credit ourselves? When are our achievements OURS? Not creddited to magic, mystics, gods or goddesses, Just merely achieved by the fucking desire to achieve something.
Why are we always searching? Why is it so impossible for some to just accept that we are mere humans, and maybe, just maybe thats it. Instead of spending so much time wishing and hoping to be something more, why not appreciate what you are right now?

To me freedom is not needing to be something else. And i dont mean we shouldnt want to grow as human beings and expand our knowledge, i mean to just. stop. trying. so. hard. Being different is not feeling the need to be so fucking different. To just relax and be who and how you are no matter the consequences. No matter who loves or loathes you. Not because you watched a documentary on anarchism and think you know what it means, just because it's who you are. Stop trying to emmulate, its all been done. Whats new now is not trying to prove yourself, it's not trying to be something so fucking new and fantastic. The desperate need to be different is a bright, shining, screaming sign of insecurity. Just relax, and when you shut the fuck up and stop trying so hard for 5 minutes maybe you'll start to realise who you are.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


There was a slightly overweight, awkward man on my train yesterday, next to him was a small asian boy and his grandfather. The boy had a transformer toy that attached to his finger, it flashed with loud colours when he pressed a button. I was sitting opposite them.
The overweight man looked at the young boy with a nostaligc smile as though the boys joy was so understandable and the overweight man can remember feeling the same way about a similar toy when he was a small boy. It made me happy to see him remember, and i loved the quiet fondness with which the man looked at the boy. I may just have been tired after work but i almost cried watching them at that moment.
Everyone remembers things like that and it made me so sad that there is so much hatred and poison everywhere, poison that makes simple things seem inane or un-interesting... I wished we could all feel for something the quiet care that the boy felt for his toy and that the man felt for the boy.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Kate Hutchinson

uh now its time to analyse the phtoo

i was actually wondering a few things, why do you have a ponytail dude?

i dont think ive seen you wear one in many months

ahhahaa its true. i wanted to make our characters quite contrasting

and i WISH my hair was that sick

i think thats the subconscious meaning behind it

please acknowledge your hand on your hip

because you're like 'i do this all the time'

why? becuase youre a sick cunt


Oh dude that was my next query.

ohhh ok

yeah, sick


its a legitimate reason

and im like 'oh this is fun!'

and your like, "pft yeah!'


yeah like, "no biggie"

thats definately the vibe


im laughing so much

how full is our bag


The night hasnt even begun,
It probs only around 10pm


oh yeah for sure

definitely past the drinking hour

but def not past the end of disco saturday night

jesus i just realised

my straw is only halfway in the baggie

what a fucking failure i am

kate hutchinson always does things half arsed

while yours is really in there, completing the task

AND you dont have your hand on your hip which is a fucking joke

thats true.